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Engineered Flooring

Installers can be confident that these warranted products will stand the test of time with their customers and can be sanded and refinished as with solid flooring products.

Industry sales figures show that engineered flooring is the fastest growing category, representing over 30% of total hardwood flooring sales in Australia. As common construction methods in Australia have changed over the years, over 75% of new dwellings are now built with a concrete slab rather than a traditional bearer and joist subfloor. Engineered flooring has tapped into this enormous market and made timber flooring available to consumers who requires a glue down or floated floor product without compromising on the aesthetic of timber. This new market for timber flooring also includes the developers of multilevel apartments (and those renovating them down the track) who in the past, could not consider timber flooring due to acoustic issues.

Together with the appropriate underlay, engineered timber flooring has excellent acoustic properties, faring better than solid floors.



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